Deepsilk™ Queen Pillowcase

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This Deepsilk Queen-sized pillowcase is enriched with sericin silk protein, which gives it a sumptuous look and feel and boosts your skin and hair hydration.

When you use it, the pillowcase's sericin silk protein provides moisturizing and antibacterial properties that help maintain a healthy and hydrated skin texture. This makes it an effective supplement to your nighttime skincare routine. Moreover, it is unbleached and naturally dyed, making it as clean for your skin and hair as possible.

25 Momme Charmeuse Weave
100 % 6A Highest Grade Mulberry Silk
Envelope Style Closure
No Silicone Added
No Use of Toxic Dyes
OEKO-TEX Certified (Standard 100)
Washable: Machine wash

Micellar action

The sericin silk protein in Deepsilk is delivered to the skin via micelles.

What makes Deepsilk unique?

Deepsilk is enriched cosmetic silk, designed by and exclusive to OPSUNDBAY.