Founder of OPSUNDBAY - Dianna Opsund Bay
by Dianna Opsund Bay

The story behind Deepsilk is deeply personal, driven by my own quest for calm, healthy skin.

A personal quest...for better skin

I suffer from a skin condition known as perioral dermatitis, which sometimes leave my skin sore, irritated and tender. It’s a disturbing sensation to feel so uncomfortable in one’s own skin and my journey to find natural alternatives began when harsh, dermatologist-prescribed creams failed to make a difference.

During this search for something, anything that would help my skin, I stumbled upon an old Japanese article singing the praises for sericin, a silk component. The article referred to its skin-soothing effects and so, I became interested in how they would work for my own skin.

Relief at last

I bought my first silk pillowcase and immediately found that my skin felt more balanced. While the silk didn't work miracles, it was noticeably soothing for my skin and became a nightly companion, calming my skin during the night. My journey with silk was not just about comfort; it was about reclaiming a sense of normalcy, of being ‘me’ again, during long periods of skin sensitivity.

A designer’s obsession with fabric

Since then, I have slept in a lot of different silk and found that its quality and thus effect on skin can vary hugely. That's why I set out to develop the purest and highest-quality silk available.

As a designer, I know exactly what makes fabrics like silk - high or low quality, from the raw materials to how it is processed, handled and woven. After years of searching, I found an amazing silk supplier. They use a unique blend of old traditions and new technology to create the best quality silk. This mix of old and new ensures high quality, responsible production, and opens possibilities for new products. Working with them, my mission was how to make ultra-effective high-quality silk, since naturally, silk has a lot of good properties for our skin and hair.

Silk is mostly fibroin and sericin, filled with natural amino acids (sericin silk protein). Studies suggest that sericin silk protein in cosmetics can moisturize and enhance skin elasticity. It's also naturally resistant to bacteria and allergens, which helps those with allergies or skin issues. Unfortunately, in making silk meter products, many of the helpful amino acids are lost.

Our ‘skincare silk’

We've innovated this silk by reintroducing its original beneficial silk proteins using microscopic micelles. These tiny "capsules" release sericin silk protein gradually upon skin contact. Lab tests also show Deepsilk fabric excels in absorbing and releasing moisture, surpassing standard silk.

Deepsilk represents my commitment to creating the best "skincare" silk on the market; a silk that actively creates the right conditions for healthier, calmer skin simply by enhancing what silk does best, naturally.

Deepsilk is made with the 6A highest grade charmeuse woven mulberry silk - in 25 momme and contains no silicone, softeners or bleaches and is, OEKO-TEX Certified.


During this search for something, anything that would help my skin, I stumbled upon an old Japanese article singing the praises for sericin, a silk component.

Dianna Opsund Bay