The Rest of your Life

Sumptuous silk, enriched with natural sericin silk protein


Treat your Skin with our finest Silk

OPSUNDBAY Deepsilk is made from enriched cosmetic silk. A new functional silk fabric specially designed to allow the active ingredients of sericin silk protein to support and maintain your skin and hair while you rest.

The luxurious 25 momme charmeuse weave mulberry silk has been enhanced with micelles containing the naturally occurring amino acids found in raw silk. This restores the material’s original benefits including antibacterial and moisturising properties.

25 Momme Silk

Only 6A Highest Grade Mulberry Silk is selected for Deepsilk™ - and charmeuse weaved to be exceptionally comfortable and gentle on your skin and hair. 


Deepsilk™ is silicone-free. Other silk bedding has silicones and supplementary surface treatments to the fabric to achieve a shiny look and a manufactured soft touch.

Laboratory Tested

Laboratory test show Deepsilk™ has enhanced moisture absorption and release effects compared to standard silk, benefits that last for more than twenty washes.

Our Deepsilk Benefits

Our Deepsilk fabric is designed to take care of your skin while you rest.