What makes Deepsilk unique?

What makes OPSUNDBAY Deepsilk unique?

Aside from its sumptuous feel and lustrous beauty, silk has remarkable qualities when it comes to comfort, absorbency and breathability. In close collaboration with one of the world’s most skilled silk weavers and high-performance textile experts, we have been able to intensify those qualities even further, creating a unique silk fabric that protects and amplifies your efforts to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

Deepsilk is enriched cosmetic silk, designed by and exclusive to OPSUNDBAY. We have created an innovative new fabric based on the world’s rarest and most expensive silk from one of the top manufacturers in the world. We take 25 momme charmeuse weave mulberry silk of the highest quality and enhance it with natural silk proteins, native to the silk itself but removed during production. Using a state-of-the-art micellar delivery system, we have enriched the silk with sericin silk protein that helps to maintain and restore skin.

Deepsilk is enriched with sericin silk protein, a botanical substance that is widely used in the cosmetic industry as a moisturising agent. Scientific studies of sericin silk protein show that in cosmetic formulations it helps hydrate and increase the elasticity of the skin.


OPSUNDBAY Deepsilk is silicone-free. Other manufacturers add silicones and supplementary surface treatments to the fabric to achieve a shiny look and an artificial soft touch. We prefer to make our silk without the addition of silicone, keeping its natural look and feel, as the silk itself becomes softer with use.

Non-Toxic Silk

We are dedicated to keeping the production of Deepsilk non-toxic. Since the beginning, our aim has been to create a fabric that is as natural as possible and has no harmful effects on skin and hair.


Comparison of Silk Bedding

Comparison of Silk Bedding

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