What silk pillowcase should you buy?

What silk pillowcase should you buy?

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Silk Pillowcase: Quality, Weave, and Key Considerations

Navigating the world of silk pillowcases can be daunting, with many options available in the market. As you embark on your quest for the perfect silk pillowcase, it's crucial to be well-informed about the critical factors determining quality and performance. Let's delve into what you should look for and why OPSUNDBAY offers exceptional choices for your beauty sleep.


Quality Matters: Momme, Weave, and Silk Grade:

  1. Momme: A Measure of Quality: Momme (mm) indicates silk fabric's density and weight. Higher momme denotes a denser and more durable fabric. OPSUNDBAY proudly offers two options: the luxurious 22 momme and the exceptional Deepsilk at 25 momme, providing superior quality and durability for your beauty sleep.
  2. Chameuse Weave - A Sign of Excellence: Our 22 momme and Deepsilk at 25 momme are weaved in a Chameuse style. This ensures a luxurious, smooth, lustrous finish, a hallmark of high-quality silk pillowcases.
  3. Grade of Silk Matters: Silk grades range from 1A to 6A, with 6A considered the highest standard due to its finest quality. OPSUNDBAY prides itself on using only 6A, Highest Grade silk, characterized by the longest and finest silk fibres, ensuring exceptional smoothness and durability in our pillowcases.

Beware of "Silk Satin" and Quality Differences:

Silk satin, often mistaken for natural silk, is a weaving technique used with synthetic fibres to replicate silk's smooth, shiny surface. On the other hand, authentic silk should display the inherent properties of natural silk—breathability, moisture-wicking, and a luxurious feel that only genuine silk can provide. Be vigilant in selecting silk pillowcases that offer authentic benefits for your skin and hair.


Size Options and Color Versatility:

For those seeking a variety of colour choices, OPSUNDBAY's 22 momme pillowcases come in a range of hues and sizes to suit different tastes and bedroom aesthetics. However, if you prioritize supreme quality, our exclusive Deepsilk at 25 momme is available solely in Natural White, offering unparalleled benefits for your skin and hair.


Making an Informed Choice for Unrivaled Rest:

Your silk pillowcase selection should align with your preferences—exquisite colours to complement your decor or an emphasis on superior quality and longevity.

Discover OPSUNDBAY's selection of silk pillowcases tailored to diverse needs:

  • 22 Momme: Versatile colour options for those seeking quality and style.
  • Deepsilk - 25 Momme: Experience unparalleled silk quality for your skin and hair.

Invest in quality, embrace luxury, and prioritize your beauty sleep with OPSUNDBAY's premium silk pillowcases, crafted with the finest silk and tailored to redefine comfort, elegance, and the authentic benefits of silk.


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