Decoding Momme: Understanding Silk Weight

Decoding Momme: Understanding Silk Weight

When selecting silk bedding, you may come across the term "momme," which often confuses people. What exactly is momme, and why does it matter?

Momme (pronounced "moe-me") is a unit of weight measurement for silk fabric, which indicates its thickness and density. The higher the momme count, the denser and more substantial the silk fabric. Similarly, a lower momme count signifies lighter and thinner material. Understanding the momme spectrum and its implications when choosing silk bedding is essential.


25 Momme Silk: Unparalleled Luxury

Our Deepsilk™ collection is a luxurious range of bedding made from high-quality 25-momme silk. This heavyweight silk is known for its exceptional quality, softness, and lustrous sheen. Our 25-momme silk bedding ensures a lavish and long-lasting sleep experience if you want the best for your skin and hair. The collection is meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled durability and sumptuous comfort.


22 Momme Silk: Harmony of Comfort and Durability

Our main silk bedding line features exquisite pieces crafted from premium 22-momme silk. This midweight silk strikes a harmonious balance between luxury and practicality, boasting a silky-smooth texture and excellent durability. With its versatility and resilience, 22 momme silk bedding from OPSUNDBAY provides the perfect blend of comfort and longevity for discerning sleepers.


19 Momme Silk: Selective Application

Although 19 momme silk suits specific applications such as apparel or scarves, we advise caution for silk bedding. Its thinner and less dense composition may compromise the longevity and durability of the bedding. However, we use 19 momme silk for the outer shells of our silk pillows and duvets, whose lighter weight serves the purpose without sacrificing quality. We also use it for our cheaper line of pillowcases, where you can experiment with colors for a more decorative purpose.

The difference between 25 momme,  22 momme and 19 momme silk

The silk fabric quality and characteristics can be evaluated using momme as a yardstick. At OPSUNDBAY, we carefully select only the finest materials for our silk bedding, focusing on superior momme weights such as 25 and 22 momme. Whether you prefer the ultimate luxury of 25 momme silk or the balanced comfort of 22 momme silk, you can be confident that your sleep experience with OPSUNDBAY will be exceptional.

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