The benefits of silk pillows & duvets

OPSUNDBAY Silk Pillows and Silk Duvets

Once you've slept in our soft silk pillows and duvets - It's hard to go back.

Our silk pillows and duvets are designed to provide you with a comfortable sleep without causing overheating. Silk has a natural ability to regulate temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Our high-quality silk allows excess body heat to pass through the duvet while you sleep, while its luxurious drape conforms to the contours of your body, creating fewer air pockets under the duvet. This heat-regulating feature results in less sweating during sleep compared to cotton and down duvets, thus keeping your bed fresh.

How our silk bedding is made

Our silk pillows and duvets are made using unbleached, 100% natural mulberry silk that is OEKO-TEX certified. This ensures that the finished product is tested and free of harmful substances. We use high-grade raw mulberry silk to create the lightweight, soft silk floss that is used as a filling for our duvets.

To protect the silk floss, we use the softest 19-momme silk fabric, designed in a way that the filling won't clump up. The duvet also comes with small corner taps called duvet loops to secure it inside the cover. For the best silk sleep experience, we recommend using a minimum of a 22-momme silk pillowcase and duvet cover.

Silk, health and beauty

Silk has been highly regarded for its benefits to the skin and hair for centuries. This is because silk contains protein and amino acids, which prevent it from absorbing moisture from the skin and hair, unlike cotton or linen.

Silk is an ideal material for duvets and pillows because it is naturally hypoallergenic and does not require any chemicals during production. So, if you have allergies towards down or the chemicals in synthetic duvets, silk bedding is an excellent choice for you. Silk can also help alleviate itchy skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.

Sleeping in silk

Caring for your silk bedding

Silk is naturally resistant to moths and mould, which means that you only need to air them occasionally to freshen them up. However, avoid direct sunlight. Dust mites and other small crawlers do not thrive in our silk duvets and pillows.

It is not recommended to wash silk duvets and pillows often. However, if an accident occurs and you need to clean them, gently treat the stain and wash them in the washing machine with enzyme-free detergent. Use a short, gentle cycle with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees and avoid using softener.

Please read our detailed care instructions for silk here.

Rest well knowing that OPSUNDBAY Silk will take good care of you, provided you take good care of it in return.


Did you know?

  • While a down duvet may offer a softer feel than silk, it often comes with a drawback – bulkiness. Due to its lack of a luxurious drape, it has a tendency to trap air pockets, which may hinder effective heat regulation.

  • Feathers and down are naturally adept at retaining body heat, providing an initial sensation of warmth. However, this can lead to overheating during sleep due to the accumulation of trapped heat.

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