Can I wash Silk?

Can I machine wash silk?

What happens to my silk bedding when I wash it?

One of the most asked questions concerns caring for silk bedding. Can I wash it, and if so, by machine, or must it be done by hand? At OPSUNDBAY, we have been using silk bedding for over a decade and know how to wash and care for it properly.


The myths of washing silk – What is true and false

Here are some of the most common things we’ve heard about silk. Are they myths or truths?


Silk bedding can be washed in a washing machine - True

All the silk bedding products we offer, including duvets and pillows, are of top-notch quality and can be conveniently machine-washed. While washing, use the Silk program and set the temperature to low (30 degrees). Only use silk detergent; detailed washing instructions are available here.

Silk bedding can only be washed by hand - False

You can wash a single pillowcase or our sleeping masks by hand if it is more convenient. However, our silk bedding products are made of the highest quality 6A-grade silk fibres, the longest and strongest. Therefore, they can be washed in a washing machine.

Silk bedding can be tumble dried - False

Tumble-drying silk is not recommended. The heat from the dryer can cause shrinkage and damage the fabric, even if it is of good quality. However, silk dries faster than cotton or linen. It is best to dry silk flat on an airer designed for this purpose, as hanging it on a washing line or hanger may stretch the fibres and cause the piece to become misshapen. Avoid drying silk in direct sunlight, as exposure to UV light may lead to discolouration.

Silk needs less washing than cotton, linen and bamboo bedding - True

Silk may appear to be a delicate and luxurious material compared to cotton, linen, and bamboo, which might lead some to believe it requires more washing. However, due to its smooth surface, silk naturally repels moisture, sweat, and dirt, making it absorb less. Additionally, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, and our Deepsilk fabric also has antibacterial properties that make it more hygienic than most other artificial or natural fabrics.

Silk bedding should be washed with silk detergent - True

We recommend using detergent designed for silk and wool only. Before use, read the label carefully. Never use a detergent containing chlorine or bleach.

Silk bedding should be spot-cleaned - False

We do not recommend cleaning only a certain spot of our silk as it may lead to discolouration of the area. However, in case of accidental spills, we have the following recommendations.

Before washing silk in a washing machine, it is essential to gently remove all stains and spots. You can do this by washing the affected area immediately with lukewarm water until the stain is completely dissolved. You may need to use a stain remover for tough stains like blood or red wine. Be sure to remove the stain carefully and rinse with clean water immediately to ensure no chemicals remain in the silk before washing it in the machine. However, this process may cause some discolouration.

Silk might lose some of its shine when you wash it – True

When you wash your silk bedding, it will obtain a softer touch. Initially, the silk is very shiny and smooth. However, it feels matte and soft after washing it a few times. This change is entirely natural; for most people, sleeping in might even be more comfortable.


If you have any questions about washing your OPSUNDBAY silk, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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